Identity, Interface Design



MelliCell is a biomedical research company who’s mission is to leverage human stem cell and tissue engineering technology to enable the development of therapeutics for obesity and diabetes.

MelliCell is solving the unmet medical need of creating a platform that enables the development of therapeutics that help treat and better manage conditions like Obesity and Diabetes (Type 2).

Their technology is patented & backed by Harvard University.

The Challenge

MelliCell – A Harvard backed Biotech startup, needed a rebrand that would help speak to their audience and communicate a message of hope and happiness.

The Goal

The goal was to design an Identity that will;

– Position the brand in the most optimal way.

– Represent the brand’s vision for the future and importance of their work and it’s usefulness to the end-users of their products.

The Solution

In discovering the brand, we took a different direction that helped position the brand against the usual cold, corporate-ness of it’s competitor brands. Giving it a warm and still professional aesthetic.

In doing this, we created a pattern system consisting of of Monochrome and Polychrome patterns and the respective background colours to display the pattern. The Pattern is based on the hexagonal culture surface of Fat Stem cell’s pattern matrix as observed in the lab during experiments. It is refined and reconstructed true to it’s original form and then modified to work with the brand’s identity.

Applying this on brand materials allowed for a versatility of expression on all touchpoints; both print and display, In all formats; both large and small, the system maintains it’s integrity and consistency across board.